Instructions for Use

Your ThermoFlash® thermometer is pre-set at the factory and requires no calibration. To measure a patient's temperature, press the Mode button if needed to set the device to Body mode, aim the device at the forehead over the right temporal region from a distance of 2 inches (5 centimeters), and pull the trigger. The temperature is instantly displayed.

Your ThermoFlash® thermometer can also measure the temperature of a surface (such as a baby bottle or bath water) in Surface mode, or the ambient temperature of a room in Room mode.

To change batteries, open the battery door at the bottom of the handle. Install two AA alkaline batteries and close the battery door. After installing new batteries, allow 10 minutes before using the device. To switch the readout between Celsius and Fahrenheit, press the C/F button. To re-display the last temperature measurement press the Mem button.