How ThermoFlash Works

ThermoFlash® was designed by a French physician after the SARS pandemic. It was the first-of-its-kind medically certified no-contact thermometer for clinical use. During the Ebola pandemic in west Africa, Dr. Francois Teboul called ThermoFlash® "the Ebola fighter's weapon of choice" because even in the hot, humid climate of sub-Saharan Africa, ThermoFlash® was found to be effective and reliable at detecting fever.

A clinical study of ThermoFlash® was conducted by the University of Paris at the Louis-Mourier Hospital in France with 800 patients studied over a ten month period. The device was found to have better sensitivity and more accurately detected fever compared to other types of thermometers.

Your ThermoFlash® thermometer is designed to reflect core body temperature, the medically preferred temperature reference. It measures the temperature of the blood in the temporal artery in the patient's forehead where the blood vessels are closest to the skin surface. Because it can make the temperature reading from 2 inches (5 centimeters) away from the skin surface, the device does not need to touch the patient's body at any time.